Document dating in forensic science

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In such cases, the former term refers to examiners who focus on non-handwriting examination types while the latter refers to those trained exclusively to do handwriting examinations.

Even in places where the more general meaning is common, such as North America or Australia, there are many individuals who have specialized training only in relatively limited areas.

Common criminal charges involved in a document examination case fall into the "white-collar crime" category.

These include identity theft, forgery, counterfeiting, fraud, or uttering a forged document.

These guides were under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee E30 on Forensic Sciences and the direct responsibility of Subcommittee E30.02 on Questioned Documents.

For example, a questioned document may be a sheet of paper bearing handwriting or mechanically-produced text such as a ransom note, a forged cheque, or a business contract.Many QD examinations involve a comparison of the questioned document, or components of the document, to a set of known standards.