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06-Oct-2016 00:55

There are plenty of tried-and-true merchandise ideas out there, but our absolute best sellers are always tee shirts and CDs.

These items both have the highest upfront cost, however, so ordering smart is essential.

Making and selling merch can be a lot of fun for that reason.

We added 2XL shirts to our inventory at one point and bought far too many of those, too.When ordering shirts, knowing your primary fan base is vital.I could do a whole blog on tee shirts alone, but I’ll try and keep this somewhat concise.Officers are instructed to turn on their cameras during enforcement or investigative activities, emergency vehicle operation, custodial transports, or “other activities of a potentially confrontational nature”.

A 2016 Justice Department investigation of the Baltimore Police revealed at least one case of an officer planting drugs on a suspect.

Justin Fenton recently shared a 90-second video showing what appears to be three Baltimore Police officers standing on a street corner.