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“She’s from the old school,” said Lisa Chase, who edits Ms. Her favorite book is Walden, which is in keeping with her particular brand of individualism—unmaterialistic and almost transcendental in nature. When I visited, a marked-up copy of Don Quixote, which she was re-reading, sat on the kitchen table, and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which she likes to mention in her column, was resting next to her computer.Carroll at Elle and who published her work in Outside magazine in the 1980s. I asked her why she refers to has no regrets about her past relationships. “You’re on this earth to have as many chaps as you want,” Ms. She is, mostly out of curiosity, on Tinder, even though her new game, Damn Love, is a send-up of the app, and Tawkify, her matchmaking service, is positioned as an answer to the impersonal aspects of online dating.She traveled the world, filing articles for Esquire, Outside and Rolling Stone, among other places.(She was Playboy’s Her pieces were risqué—and often wicked.After our day together, for instance, I sent her a follow-up email to let her know when this article might run. “In case you need a photo, I’m strapping the Caitlyn Jenner bustier on the pit bull now.” Her sign-off? Carroll lived in a dirt-floor basement on 26th Street and slept with a shotgun nearby.But she spent a good chunk of time at the popular bars and restaurants of the era, like Elaine’s, where she met Hunter S.“A girl has to leave Montana and go to New York,” said Ms. She was Miss Cheerleader USA in 1964 and went to Indiana University in Bloomington, where Hoagy Carmichael wrote the love ballad “Stardust,” one of her favorite songs. Carroll told me matter-of-factly, “each of them more brilliant and Olympian than the last.” (Ms.

(She nearly died, but she got the story.) For most of her career, Ms.Then she ran inside, grabbed two bows and a quiver of arrows, and tipsy target practice commenced.A few shots later, she got Bill O’Reilly right in the nose. Carroll learned archery in the late 1980s near the border of Irian Jaya, in New Guinea.She once asked Lyle Lovett about the size of his penis. A Thackeray quote—“Always amused, never angry”—is painted on the mantle above Ms.

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“The Cheerleaders,” her 2001 Spin piece on a series of murders and suicides in a small town in upstate New York, was anthologized in Best American Crime Writing. She doesn’t cook much, her freezer is loaded with microwaveable stuff, and she mostly stores sweaters and dog food in her oven. Carroll’s living room fireplace, and her rustic home is packed with piles of books.

In “Love in the Time of Magic,” she let readers in on the sex-fueled underworld of NBA groupies.