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20-Jun-2016 21:46

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It has been ages since he was in girl-mode, for reasons we discuss later.Today, he is wearing a sporty fleece, jeans, boots with a three-inch heel and, the only flamboyant touch, what he calls his 'political nails’ – plum-coloured apart from one that is the Union flag and another that is the flag of Europe.'Like they say, “Youth is wasted on the young” and so can I do my 20s again please, and not have Thatcher in power? 'It was just hellish for me, that decade – I did get my stuff done, and I came out as a transvestite and had all my midlife crises early.

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He had also been to see his doctor to get checked out for another attempt in South Africa.

The show is Stripped – which he toured in the UK in 2009 – but with a difference: this is all in French, which is quite an achievement, particularly considering it’s a 90-minute show.