Embarrassing dating moments

11-Oct-2017 09:57

Even the good ones have their uncomfortable moments. Oh, hey, just on a first date, did you want to make things more awkward? If you’re out, and you get your period, but you don’t have tampons or pads. You don’t want to fight with him, but at the same time, you really want to stand up for this issue. If, at the end, he kind of blows you off and you don’t know how to respond.

That’s not surprising, considering a first date is a nerve-wracking experience, and usually involves someone you don’t know very well. Now you have yet another thing you can worry about for the rest of the night. Accidentally over-sharing and telling him something really embarrassing.

They show you around their house, so proud and you finally sit on the couch. In the bedrooms, kitchen, hallways and living room... We'd had a few drinks before hand and everything was going well. It was a fall date to the zoo, so I thought, sweater, boots. We were late for the movie bc I wanted to eat Pop-Corn .. I slipped on the step and the popcorn in my hand was failed on one girl's head .. upscale club in the city and I really wanted to impress him.

On reflection I think we should have stayed in the pub but inexperience told me to stick with the plan. ) and I basically told him I was ************ and thinking of him. I have 2 pairs of riding boots, black and brown ones (I do so love my boots... I dressed up really nicely and wore heels that were way too high!!

As I was drinking water, my husband told a joke and I started to laugh a when huge gulp of water went down the wrong pipe and I started to choke. I couldn't speak and everyone jumped up in a panic. For some reason guys always ask me what we should do, so I decided we would go to the cinema. I take a while to get ready on a date sometimes, while others I grab my purse and go...

He waited for me at the station there, so I got off... And I start looking around where I have been walking around. dinner, wine, (lots of really good wine), and dancing. not the kind of place my ex-hubs had ever taken me. This time was one of those times when I took a while.

As we fell sound asleep we both were knocked out of our slumber by an explosive fart that woke him AND me up!!! when I first started dating my fiancé it was our 3rd date. I'd known him already as being a friend of the family. One of my classes is online and my other ones are on campus..Well after about 45 minutes my bladder felt fit to burst,it was obvious I was n't... Then ran across a large field to pee so the guy couldn't see me. we didn't actually meet in person yet but we lived in the same area and even shopped at the same places. While on the date I had waay too much to drink and I accidentally knocked over 3 glass candle holders!! where I'd like to go for a date and I told him we should walk to the local ice cream shop. Seconds later, to my horror, he began vomiting profusely.While pulling up my pants I peed in my pants a little. I thought it might have had something to do with the kiss, like maybe my breath was... I hadn't dated in a while, so of course the old "if anything can go wrong..." rule had to apply!!! There's a style known as the "hat hair" which is what this so called stud of mine at the time chose to rock out during those high school years. He put his hands down my pants and started doing his business, note... First date: my car broke down so I was 30mins late Her dad made me explain why and what my plans were for his daughter I was sooo nervousness I farted)-: and it stunk.

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On the car ride the my air went out and it was to hot with the windows up so I rolled them down just in... Before the date I had a nervous breakdown so I drank 4 glasses of wine "to calm myself down" before I set out on a 1 hour journey to meet him. Good thing I had on my cute Victoria's Secret booty shorts on. Lol and there was a life music and at some point a singer started to invite however would like to volunteer and sing along.

For the longest time I didn't notice, while I pretty much sure the guy did. First, in my nervousness, I pulled all my eyelashes out so my eyes were bald.