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Under an informal power-sharing agreement, the Governor of New Jersey chose the chairman of the board and the deputy executive director, while the Governor of New York chose the vice-chairman and executive director.Chris Christie, a Republican, was first elected Governor of New Jersey in November 2009 and re-elected in November 2013.It was later suggested that the lanes had been closed to intentionally cause the massive traffic problem for political reasons, and especially theorized that they were a retribution attack against Fort Lee's Mayor Mark Sokolich, a Democrat who had not supported Christie as a candidate in the 2013 New Jersey gubernatorial election.The ensuing investigations centered on several of Christie's appointees and staff, including Once considered a leading contender for the 2016 Republican nomination for President, Christie dropped out of the presidential race after a poor showing in the New Hampshire primary.NOTE: If you click the Allow or Deny buttons, you’ll have to enter your email password manually each time you want to send and receive messages. That takes you back to the Accounts window, and your newly created account is listed at the left side of the window. Close the Accounts window to return to the main Outlook email window. Microsoft Outlook automatically adds the Account description, but we recommend changing Outlook’s default entry to your mail address so you can easily identify which account corresponds to which email address if you have multiple accounts in Outlook. Local officials, emergency services, and the public were not notified of the lane closures, which Fort Lee declared a threat to public safety. political scandal in which a staff member and political appointees of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) colluded to create traffic jams in Fort Lee, New Jersey, by closing lanes at the main toll plaza The problems began on Monday, September 9, 2013, when two of three toll lanes for a local street entrance were closed during morning rush hour.

During the week of August 4, 2013, Christie met with David Samson, Christie's appointed chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Port Authority.

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When Durando questioned the order, which he thought was "odd" since he had never been instructed in his 35-year career not to tell host town officials about an event that would disrupt traffic, Wildstein told him "it would impact the study" if people knew and Wildstein "wanted to see what would naturally happen".

Wildstein sent an e-mail the same day to Kelly informing her that Christie had approved ,000 to fund a traffic study for Springfield in Union County.The scandal was widely cited as a major factor in the early demise of Christie's 2016 presidential ambitions.