Entrepreneur dating

25-Mar-2017 16:37

One of the best ways to be on the same page is to lay everything on the table by writing it down on a 3×5 notecard.A notecard is not so overwhelming and you can make your list short and sweet.

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You’re probably thinking “This is the best way to stay on top of the game and ahead of my competition!

However, many who have been interviewed on their death-bed or in a nursing home regretted not being present in the moment with their significant other while they still had their “youth” or while the person was alive.

When you have the opportunity to be with your mate, disconnect from everything and be present in that moment. Next time you are home, consider leaving your phone and other devices turned off for a few hours.

It’ll help you to remember what’s important to your mate and it’ll help your mate to remember what’s important to you. You never turn your devices off, you’re never without them and it seems like everyone has 24-hour access to you.

Having a list of a few things you need is also a good way to help both parties adjust to ever changing entrepreneur lifestyle while remembering the needs of the other. As technology expands, we have more information available at our finger tips.

It’s easy for one to take for granted that his mate just knows who he is.