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Meanwhile, Lelaina's relationship with Michael dissolves after he helps her sell the documentary to his network, only to let them edit it into a stylized montage that she feels compromises her artistic vision.Lelaina and Troy then sleep together and confess their love.

Eventually, Vickie's AIDS test comes back negative and Sammy comes out to his parents (and he even starts dating) and the two manage to resume their lives.The morning after, he avoids her, and after a messy confrontation, leaves town.After Troy's father dies, he forces himself to reevaluate his life, deciding to attempt a relationship with Lelaina.Garofalo stated later that she has a really poor work ethic and hates to rehearse.

Stiller met Steve Zahn through Hawke, with whom Zahn was starring in a play, and he was impressed by how funny Zahn was.If it's 10 o'clock, and you want to know where your supposedly grownup children are, this is a good place to look for them".