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11-Jul-2016 01:51

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We were at the mercy of the system, but I never felt we were in one condition for too long and my family has always been very good at trying new things.

My dad got into yoga and vegetarianism there was always some sort of mania in my household.

I'd essentially gone from quite high up in the Ukraine to the bottom of the pile in the US which was traumatic.

EH: It means “gentle,” which I always rebelled against when I was younger. I hate to bum you out; I didn’t do anything really crazy. EH: I pretty much cover about 20 miles a night on stage, if you put a meter on my leg!

Filth and Wisdom, a sprawling comedy, is a celebration of London’s ethnic stew, and stars Eugene Hutz as a Ukrainian gypsy with an intensely annoying habit of looking the camera in the eye and spouting gobbets of wisdom that have as much relevance to real life as Chinese fortune cookies.