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04-Dec-2016 22:45

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Even if you don’t think you can pull it off, list it.

It could be someone you know, a celebrity, or even a fictional character from a movie. Fit is the most important thing when it comes to great style.

When making any change in your life, especially something that’s physical like your style, the biggest roadblock is going to be the most surprising.

It wasn’t until college did I start paying attention to my style in a serious way. In fact, you have a huge advantage as an Essential Man reader.

I didn’t have a real resource, and had to go through years of trial and error before I’ve truly learned what great style was.

A mistake people make when trying to improve their style is thinking they need to create an original, 100% unique personal style. ” One of the ways is to stay clear of graphics, logos, and wild prints on any kind of clothing, whether it’s a t-shirt, sweater, or god forbid, pants.

This is a classic example of what’s called “Extreme thinking”. “That means I have to cancel my Netflix account, stop going out on weekends, defer my student loans. Whenever you wear a logo or graphic t-shirt, you either look like you’re in college, or are you’re on your way to a UFC fight. But there is a certain style that goes with it.) I’m not opposed to logos and graphic t-shirts as part of a solid wardrobe, but when you’re starting out, going solid colors is going to make you look 10x more mature and serious.It’s why fit attractive Crossfitters are surrounded by fit attractive Crossfitters in Instagram pics.