Explain filtering data and validating data

20-Jul-2017 14:43

Then you will see different ways for searching data, executing and reusing jobs and transformations, and manipulating streams.

Further, you will learn all the available options for integrating Kettle with other Pentaho tools.

Obviously there are a number of smaller steps I am leaving out which will all be discussed in more depth throughout this guide.

All configuration parameters related to the Oracle instance and networking will be discussed as well as how to place the standby database in Managed Recovery Mode.

Pentaho Data Integration (PDI, also called Kettle), one of the data integration tools leaders, is broadly used for all kind of data manipulation such as migrating data between applications or databases, exporting data from databases to flat files, data cleansing, and much more.

Do you need quick solutions to the problems you face while using Kettle?

It wasn't until Oracle8i where some form of automation was introduced that relied on Oracle Net Services to transfer and apply archive redo logs.

DBA's were still required to supply scripts that handled gap resolution and resynchronize the primary and standby database when they lost connectivity with one another.

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Over the last few years he has been leading integration projects and development of BI solutions.Also included in Oracle8i was a set of pre-written scripts that simplified the switchover and failover process.