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25-Aug-2016 22:57

So why is it that you aren’t thrilled to give up another weekend?A tightly controlled visiting schedule in a long-distance relationship can be straining, especially if you are forced to give up ALL your weekends or free time to see your partner.It’s important that both you and your partner feel comfortable with how much time you’re spending together and that neither of you feels pressured to sacrifice study time, family time, or other important things to please your partner.When a partner begins to use distance as an excuse for hurtful behavior, this is a warning sign that the distance isn’t a problem, the behavior is.And then there's that old-fangled standby, Skype.By the way, everything you think long-distance couples do with Skype, they do. Nothing makes you feel farther apart than trying to have an intimate experience over a weak Internet signal.Here are some warning signs of an unhealthy long-distance relationship: Everyone feels differently about how much communication is too much, so it’s important that both you and your partner respect each other’s boundaries around texting.

Besides, I thought, absence doesn't just make the heart grow fonder.They might say, “I want to make sure you’re not with anyone I don’t like,” or “I’m just checking in on you.” Healthy relationships are based on trust, and everyone deserves freedom in their relationship without fear of angering their partner.

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