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03-Nov-2016 22:03

Just to reiterate: this information is not available on the website and once again I had to use VLC to find out what are some pretty important details.

Using Presence at night or in low light is very much device dependant so expect the same grainy video via Presence as you would when recording a normal video on such devices.

There is an optional in app purchase where video quality gets upgraded to HQ (read: not HD) but as there is no information about the difference of quality available I’m not going to take the risk with my money.

There are other features such as setting alarms and increased storage space online with subscriptions.

As always the final video quality is only going to be is good as the device’s camera.

Expect video quality to be in line with the device you are using. This review has been exhausting due to the many frustrations of trying to get Presence to function properly.

Motion video can be as short as 5 seconds or as long as up to 1 minute with the ability to set a timeout between recordings.

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There are five levels of sensitivity ranging from incredibly high sensitivity where a bird in the sky far away will set off a recording through to the opposite where only large objects, such as cars, trigger motion detector recordings.My best guess is that video is streamed at a resolution of 192 x 144 pixels, H.264, 44khz sound.

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