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06-Jun-2017 16:21

“I was the rat waiting for the pellet.” The search itself was an important aspect of Carly’s story as well.“The interaction prior to meeting someone is definitely part of the allure," she says. You’re interacting with like five people at once and when you know you’ve found that one person who you kind of have hooked or they’ve hooked you, the connection is made.While my own first interactions were limited to the virtual world, 22-year-old Carly started using the Internet to meet men in person at age 15.“I was always a chubby kid and it was a place where I went to find men who were attracted to me," she says.By the time I moved to New York City at 18, I was well versed in the art of self-soothing through masturbation, pornography and casual sexual relationships, cyber and otherwise.

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It's easy for insecure, underage females to meet the predatory older men everyone is always warning us about online.

Soon I was doing this all the time, literally losing entire days in the cycle.

“Click click click refresh refresh refresh,” recalls 31-year-old recovering sex addict Sarah, laughing about her own email obsessiveness.

The first time I posted an ad for sex on Craigslist, my inbox was flooded in minutes with hundreds of responses.

They came in faster than I could keep track of them and I spent the next several hours engaged in the trancelike process of respond-delete-refresh until the emails finally slowed to a trickle.

I was 13 in 1995 when we finally went online at my house.

Whatever the name of the sites, they weren’t great, at least not by today’s standards.… continue reading »

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