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In addition, there is a separate "directory" of fetishes which a member may indicate his or her interest in. Any member can post an Event with date, location, cost, dress code, and other information.Location can be concealed and only revealed individually by the Event owner to participants. An age and location must be posted, but honesty is not required; there are many users who specify they are in "Antarctica", and many who give their age as 93.Both optionally allow the member to specify someone on their friends list.

The site administration says they will extend invite privileges to unpaid members, in good standing, once they figure out the formulas and code them.Those who make a financial contribution receive an "I Support Fet Life" badge on their Profile.Any member may comment on another member's piece of writing, photo, or video.Fet Life is not dedicated to any particular sexual orientation or gender; everyone is welcome. During the summer of 2016, Fetlife altered its membership policies.

While it was mistakenly thought the website would become invite-only, Fetlife administrators added an option to verify an account with an anonymous text message as an alternative to getting an invitation from an existing member.Posting of photographs or videos not taken by the member him- or herself is not permitted, unless they are photos or videos of the member.