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29-Jul-2017 22:40

I had 17 messages within the first 10 minutes and I hadn't even uploaded a profile picture or personal description. For those of you not familiar with sarcasm, that last paragraph was dripping with it. Or maybe there really are hundreds of horny women in my hometown who are desperate to hook up with a guy based soley on his location, age, and screen name and I'm just too naive.And all I had to do was only purchase a monthly subscription in order to be able to read and respond to those messages . Either way, I'm saving my money and would advise you to do the same. You will get bombarded with fake profiles to make you join as a member. You have to phone up an 0344 number to cancel repeat Im just having problems rn with the fact I'm getting rip off with my money and I'm trying to fix it but now one of the dudes from the website saying if I don't sign up for it they will fine me 0 for not corresponding with them.How can I get myself out of this mess Unfortunately, it sound like you have gotten yourself into a type of fraud ring.I was bored and interested to see if there was a real female looking to date.

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I had a chat with a woman not far from my hometown, I am pretty sure she was real. Oh, and worse yet, when you find you are just talking to paid schills, they then tell you to join an affiliated site that has even more and better members, lmao! Like the app & how easy everythin is 2 use but tbh I can get the same on so dont see why I should change.

Around 10%are real and I have hooked up but it's hard work weeding out the rest. They say it's easier to communicate, don't do it.

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