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There's a long progression as the ship passes in the opening Star Wars crawl, but it's not as funny as when Mel Brooks did it in Spaceballs..fact, Spaceballs' version of the joke almost seems like a parody of this unsatisfying gag, taking it to the next level where it actually resembles a joke.

A few more clunkers include a cannibal ordering a "skin and tonic," a spikey-eared alien named Mr.

Aboard ship is also a rock-eating alien who is in trouble for wolfing down some priceless gems.

He sits in the holding cell and the Captain enjoys feeding him because it means he can pelt him with stones.

In Britain in 1999, Kadamba Simmons was a British actress moving in quickly elevating circles whose lover was unwilling to be left behind.

Dorothy was moving on, dating Peter Bogdanovich, and appearing in his ensemble comedy drama They All Laughed.

The team are chasing down a villain named Oronic who has hidden himself away at a penal planet where the aliens have taken to making a meal of any humans exiled there. A couple of left field laughs make up slightly but it is above all crushingly tacky and the death of its star in the year of its release invokes no adverse poignancy.

Galaxina tackles Oronic but is caught by a motorcycle gang. Stratton has been portrayed twice on film, by the equally Amazonian Jamie Lee Curtis in Death Of A Centrefold and then by Mariel Hemmingway in Star 80, both made within two years of the actress' murder.

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The difference is that Stratten's killer, Paul Snider, turned the shotgun on himself, making him the only murderer of this seven part series not to survive to this day (of the others, three are in prison, two have since been released, one has been sentenced but is trying to worm his way out on account of being a celebrity).

The only detail of Galaxina even worth mentioning is that Thor is played by Stephen Macht, who went on to become the dad in Monster Squad (and real-life dad of American Outlaws' Gabriel Macht) and give a spectacular camp performance in the underappreciated Graveyard Shift.