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03-Nov-2017 03:46

or maybe you already know the truth: That you can no longer connect with a living, breathing woman.I went through a period of being single, stuck in a small town where there were very few dating opportunities, and I began to masturbate frequently with porn. So tip #1 was your nightmare motivation, and I want to tell you that tip #2 is equally important, which is your “towards” motivation – the carrot: As you may have heard, when you quit porn your natural libido returns and you feel more alive, more masculine, more in touch with your natural horniness… So it’s a chicken or egg question if I was turning to porn because of the small dating pool on the small island where I was living, or if I was simply not dating enough because I was spending too much time jerking off.

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So, finally, the third tip is to recognize, embrace, and laugh about your ultimate humanity. Be prepared for setbacks and failures and just know that this is part of the journey of being a human.

It is a brave journey to commence but the payoffs are huge.

The people who developed the original 12 steps program brought some powerful to the world.

Spend some time with addicts listening to their stories and you’ll hear about the failed attempts before their entire life unraveled into total loss.

So maybe you need a woman you love to leave you, or maybe you need to reach the suicidal loneliness of realizing that your entire romantic life involves your relationship with a machine…Even so, I’m pleased to offer some comment on this issue because in working with hundreds of men, women, and couples, I am deeply aware of the rapidly growing and negative effect that porn addiction is having on couples. There is a coming tsunami of sexual dysfunction from the younger generation that is going to ruin relationships, break hearts, crush marriages, and leave confused unhappiness where there might have been epic love and deeply felt intimacy in the bedroom.

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