Guys dating foriegn

15-Apr-2017 17:19

i think you should concentrate on finding a woman for yourself mate, then these foreign women you speak of wouldn't seem so threatening to you. I lived in asia and a lot of the women were really stunning... and he married an english woman, yep thats had two children... they won't take anything for granted, including the men! "you mean like the english girls that seduce their boss get pregnant and end up fighting with his soon to be x wife over who's getting what? We live in an increasingly 'small world', we have been an official part of Europe for years and companies are increasingly global and move their good people around.

when someone spends time poking their nose into other people's lives, it is usually a clear indication that the person doing the poking is very unhappy with his/her life, and so tries to ruin everyone elses fun, it's like a "i can't have it, so i don't want you to have it" type of attitude, get out more mate, have some fun and find yourself a nice girl, then all of a sudden you might find that you don't give a fig who your mates, or anyone else is shagging, because you will be more focused on your own relationship (s)this mean that non-english girls have lower standards? your post makes me think that your regard non-english women as sub-standard??? i think this is the real reason you are angry that your friends have "foreign" girlfriends, i think it is more that deep down you are angry that your friends have pulled, by your account, nice looking women, and that you currently are single and not getting any action, apart from the right handed variety. to the extent where there was a stunning girl for every guy.... is there a reason why your initials are beg Yes I agree there is so much hate in this discussion.. I think that I wont bother asking anything else on this site... Two of my friends emigrated to New Zealand and another couple move between Canada and the UK on a regular basis.

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Others say many British women no longer want man/woman relationships whilst men still do.

Apparently a large proportion of these relationships don't last.

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