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21-Jul-2017 00:25

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This feels like a missed opportunity because, unlike other body image discriminations, the way short men are perceived and treated is rarely discussed.Short men will seldom speak openly about how they feel because they are a) men and b) short.They’ll speak wistfully about how they just LONG to be flung over someone’s shoulder "as though they weigh nothing", which they will insist happens to petite women ALL THE TIME.(Those "petite women" tend to hate it, by the way).Why do we let people off the hook with their dating preferences?We really should start calling people out on their bullshit in regards to dating.Yet just because heightism isn’t on a par with racism or homophobia, doesn’t make it unworthy of discussion.In 2010 MP Simon Burns famously referred to John Bercow as a “stupid, sanctimonious dwarf” and Bercow uses this comment as an example of short prejudice in action. When someone violently disagrees with you, don't be surprised if your physique comes under scrutiny.

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I'm rather short and I don't want to date a guy shorter than me.The truth is, no two "isms" are alike and when public figures insist on juxtaposing them for the sake of headlines, they merely succeed in diminishing the importance of both "isms", whilst making themselves look a bit daft.