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04-Oct-2016 00:06

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However the last month he has limited the contact again.. I don't understand what the problem is or why such a change.I don;t know if its because he has gotten too close to me again or what? I feel like this is some type of mind game he likes to play and I'm way too old for the games.He became extremely cold and has been treating me as if I were invisible. Before we got together, I clearly told him that I do not look for anything other than serious relationships. I've heard that he had a serious relationship a long time ago and the girl cheated on him...after that, he had a bunch of short-term ex-girlfriends.Some people say they do it on purpose to test if you are into him, some say show your jealousy and other female said better to keep it cool... HE WAS SPEECHLESS AND JUST STARED AT ME WITH THOSE EYES. THE NEXT DAY I HAD ACCESS TO HIS CAR AND I WAS HIS NEW BEST FRIEND. IT SEEMS NOW THAT HE KNOWS - HE AVOIDS ME LIKE THE PLAGUE.. I AM AN EMOTIONAL WRECK BUT DONT WANT TO GET OFF THE ROLLER COASTER. I WANT TO CRAWL INSIDE OF HIM AND GET LOST TRYING TO FIND MY WAY OUT.. He texts me every time, sending sweet messages, asking if i have eaten my dinner.

It was different, he made excuses to see me but what had happened between us before has neve been mentioned by either of us. I felt like if being in love with someone is so painful, why fall in love with him... My ex is now courting one of my best friend, scorpion girl, whom i always have competition at our batch. NOW he can't make it, or want to change the plans and just sit around..

Thank you :) I too have been in a strange relationship with a scorpio man for a year. Til he asked me to be his Girlfriend after dumping the other girlfriend . FOR SEVERAL MONTHS HE PURSUED ME AND TRIED TO WIN MY AFFECTION. When we're together, he sings to me and plays the guitar SO WELL. Hes always jealous of my guy classmates (im quite popular in our campus). I FELT BETRAYED by him, and my CLOSE FRIENDS/ BEST FRIENDS. Maybe if they still kept quiet, i could have been making myself such a FOOL.