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I slowed slightly as she continued shuddering, until she started pushing back against me, moaning, "Don't you stop, I'm going to cum again! A smile I hadn't seen in months, since the second tube had ruptured. He never wanted kids, and had a vasectomy back when he was 21 and didn't tell me until a week ago, when I suggested we go see a fertility specialist." When her second orgasm hit, I was glad that I was pushing her against the wall, or she might have fallen. She then said, "Well, Kerri gets pregnant and the three of us raise our daughter or son together, all three of us. I got a judge to annul the marriage yesterday, on account of fraud.Mother, father and stepmother-slash-aunt, raising at least one child together, maybe more.And before you ask about my wanting my own child, we can still explore IVF in a few more years, once we have enough money set aside to try.I just don't want to wait that long to get our family started or to buy a house." I realized, "Kerri, you're not on birth control, are you? I was trying to get pregnant, at least I thought I was, until he confessed that he was shooting blanks and blew our frigging marriage apart.I'm right in the beginning of my fertile period, too, so you might already have done the job." "And you came over today to...? "To proposition you, for both of us to make the argument for this," Kerri answered.

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We wanted a baby, but every effort we made seemed to end in tragedy.

Once she sells her condo, we might have enough money and income combined to buy a house with at least four bedrooms." "Why not share one bed? We're not bisexual, so it's not like we have the urge, anyway.