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In our case, the coroner eventually signed off the death as caused by lung disease with no fuss and no post mortem, leaving us free, a couple of days later, to continue with arrangements as we pleased. A simple visit from the GP was all we’d have needed.

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What you need to know is this: if a person has not seen their GP in the 14 days preceding their death, or is not seen by them immediately afterwards, the case must be referred to the coroner. If the death happens outside surgery hours – in the night, say, or at the weekend – and you reach for the phone and find yourself visited by a different doctor, even one from the same practice, the case will go to the coroner. “It is really to make sure, if the person is not seen by a doctor who has cared for them as a patient, that the correct cause of death is entered on the death certificate,” explains a Home Office spokesman.

'What,” Grandma wanted to know, “did you wear to that dinner you were at last night? I’m writing this piece in the hope that anyone reading it who may be caring for a terminally ill friend or relative who is expected to die at home can avoid falling into the same trap.