Internet dating guide pros cons

29-Mar-2017 14:54

Upon designation of a concerning word or phrase, Web Watcher actively scans all monitored communications seeking the specified word or phrase.Examples of keywords and phrases can include pornography, gambling, dating, sex and more.For easy viewing, the application stores all captured screenshots in sequential order.Computer owners can choose to isolate the images and view them one-by-one or implement a video-type playback of the recorded screenshots.It earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award in monitoring software.

More desktop images are available for an extra fee.The monitoring software has numerous customization settings.In Basic Mode, the default option performs surveillance of all users of the monitored computer.Removing the monitoring software requires the input of a series of hotkeys and correctly entering the administrative password.

These combined security features prevent the monitored users from meddling with the software's secret settings.

This monitoring software creates a list of visited URLs as well as the frequency, hour and duration of each visit.