Internet dating lying about age

15-Mar-2017 06:35

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These are the kind of things you can position in your dating profile by saying something like, “I used to really love walking in the woods trails where I grew up and want to get back to that. I’m not a moutaineer, mind you, but a hike and lunch on a Saturday afternoon would be fun.” Notice how you kind of set the parameter of expectations. Don’t expect me to be able to keep up with you quite yet for half day hikes or full weekend outdoors adventures.

You establish boundaries of the kind of hiker you are. This way you both manage expectations (Yes, one of those Marketing World terms from Product Marketing) and avoid overtly lying to your Prospective Date.

A lot of Internet technologies require the visitors to verify their age before loading the content, because some of them might include inadequate content. If you want to go on a website, you lie about your age.

For example, a 11-year-old girl said that she used another age in order to obtain access on certain websites. They're not as safe for, like, six-year-olds." In addition, some of the underaged are attracted by the offerings that target adults.

Often it is the singles who are over 45, 50, and 55 years old who are striving to communicate that they are good looking and live an active and engaged life so that you know they are not couch potatoes living a sedentary life.

There really are quite a variety of ways to communicate that in your profile.

Hey, we simply didn’t even know or live near anything resembling a mountain or any serious elevation.

It’s a residual from the early days of online dating profiles was that the matching feature which feeds singles “Possible Matches for You” do so based on the database of who you are.

All the characteristics, interests, hobbies, activities, and personal attributes which you clicked off in all the check boxes and pull down menus contribute to the data file of YOU. Then the Internet Matchmaking Sites sort and filter the data to offer you potential matches based on your interests.

Now mind you, I have a corporate professional background in Sales and Marketing from San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the land that brought us HP, Steve Jobs, Apple, and The Woz.

This is the land which coined the phrase, “Vaperware,” for the software that SV Sales People would sell to corporate businesses before the software engineers had even designed and developed it.

During the live dating workshops these sort of war stories from the trenches of computer dating in the 21st century. So just bear that in mind when you read those phrases in another’s profile.