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Again and again, primary voters who were most worried about the economy told pollsters that they had cast their ballots for Trump or Sanders, according to Edison Research, which conducted the surveys on behalf of The Associated Press and television networks.Trump's candidacy, in particular, has been driven by support in some of the most economically distressed regions in the country, where jobs have been automated, eliminated, or moved to other states and countries.By and large, more affluent Americans are the ones who hold stock — and stock prices are back near record heights.___In Las Vegas, which is still recovering from its huge housing boom and bust, Tracy Brigida's husband, Michael, last summer lost his second job in three years.Tracy, 48, has been paying the bills by substitute-teaching while raising their two children, one of whom is autistic and is home-schooled. But after Michael's latest layoff, they switched to Trump."There just aren't a whole lot right in the middle."The same is true for households.These data suggest that the post-World War II trend of a steadily growing middle class, lifted by broader national prosperity, is reversing.

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But his hourly pay has only recently returned to where it was a decade ago, when he worked as a welder."I feel like I'm going backward rather than forward," Williams, 51, said on a recent afternoon after finishing his shift.Slightly fewer than half of American adults now fall in the middle-class camp, according to the Pew Research Center, a vast shift.

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