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During these sections, the novel provides perspectives on a number of important social issues and ideas, many of which are critical of the status quo.Literary critic Jerome Beaty opines that the close first person perspective leaves the reader "too uncritically accepting of her worldview", and often leads reading and conversation about the novel towards supporting Jane, regardless of how irregular her ideas or perspectives are.Odd things start to happen at the house, such as a strange laugh, a mysterious fire in Mr. Reed is calling for her, because she suffered a stroke after her son John died. However, one midsummer evening, Rochester baits Jane by saying how much he will miss her after getting married, but how she will soon forget him.Rochester's room (from which Jane saves Rochester by rousing him and throwing water on him and the fire), and an attack on a house guest named Mr. Jane returns to Gateshead and remains there for a month, attending to her dying aunt. Reed confesses to Jane that she wronged her, giving Jane a letter from Jane's paternal uncle, Mr. The normally self-controlled Jane reveals her feelings for him.

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The novel contains elements of social criticism, with a strong sense of Christian morality at its core, but is nonetheless a novel many consider ahead of its time given the individualistic character of Jane and the novel's exploration of classism, sexuality, religion, and proto-feminism.Brontë dedicated the novel's second edition to William Makepeace Thackeray.The novel begins with the titular character, Jane Eyre, aged 10, living with her maternal uncle's family, the Reeds, as a result of her uncle's dying wish.It goes through five distinct stages: Jane's childhood at Gateshead Hall, where she is emotionally and physically abused by her aunt and cousins; her education at Lowood School, where she gains friends and role models but suffers privations and oppression; her time as governess at Thornfield Hall, where she falls in love with her Byronic employer, Edward Rochester; her time with the Rivers family, during which her earnest but cold clergyman cousin, St.

John Rivers, proposes to her; and her reunion with, and marriage to, her beloved Rochester.

She advertises her services as a governess and receives one reply, from Alice Fairfax, housekeeper at Thornfield Hall.

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