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The optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) signal from quartz and the infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) signal from feldspar are the two main signals that are used for dating. relatively large uncertainties from insufficient luminescence sensitivity, overestimation caused by thermal transfer, and incomplete bleaching; Madsen and Murray, 2009), the quartz OSL dating using the SAR protocol has been successfully carried out to date young sediments from different environments (e.g.

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These sediments showing the Holocene transgressive phase are widely distributed, especially in three bays of the Bohai Sea with flat landforms.Aeolian sediments in the LLP are mainly reworked sand dunes, which are mobile under strong wind force (e.g. agricultural movement: residual sand dune in farmland, Fig. The sand deposits at small scales are covered by vegetation and cannot be identified from satellite images (Fig. The entire region is affected mainly by the East Asian monsoon. The grey sands are moderately to poorly sorted with organic matter.