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08-Jul-2016 02:34

In parts of the southeast the annual rainfall averages only 20 inches (500 mm).’s observation that “when two Englishmen meet their first talk is of the weather.” This changeability of the weather, not only season by season but day by day and even hour by hour, has had a profound effect on English art and literature.The country’s island location has been of critical importance to the development of the English character, which fosters the seemingly contradictory qualities of candour and reserve along with conformity and eccentricity and which values social harmony and, as is true of many island countries, the good manners that ensure orderly relations in a densely populated landscape.

Plateaus of rise in the northeastern edge of the Cotswolds and empty into the Wash estuary, which forms part of the North Sea.For example, a drastic depletion of mature broad-leaved forests, especially , was a result of the overuse of timber in the iron and shipbuilding industries.

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