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Jason Hall's script sticks close to Chris' perspective, which is intensified by Eastwood's coolly efficient direction and Cooper's beefy performance.By putting the audience so tightly within Chris' point of view, we are unable to escape the psychological impact of his experiences, even if real warfare is no doubt much more horrific even than what's depicted here.Cleverly, the film never asks us to judge Chris, merely to see how battle changes him.And Cooper is terrific at finding tiny details that reveal both Chris' altered state and the core stability that never leaves him. Navy SEAL working as a sniper in Iraq, the question comes in one of the worst possible ways.However, Caesar knows deep down that there are still good men in the world, and he also knows that if those men and his primate family don't work together to create peace in the world, it will be the end of all of them.

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Determined not to let humankind rule over them as they once did, the apes will stop at nothing to make sure they are never subjected to brutal scrutiny ever again.

Honestly, for an 84-year-old Eastwood is an astoundingly nimble filmmaker, able to take an audience right into a tense situation while never cheating with flashy movie trickery.