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1, 2016 (Press Release) — AUM Life Tech in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture has developed a novel Non-GMO RNA silencing approach for bacteria, insect and pathogen control with a focus on citrus trees and fruits.

Huanglongbing, a fatal bacterial citrus disease, also known as citrus greening has already caused an estimated billion loss in revenue to the industry.

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Citrus is the most consumed fruit in the US with an estimated annual billion industry.

These numbers are rapidly changing with losses increasing and industry size decreasing every year.

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“Importantly, although AUM’s FANA technology works at the genetic level but it does not create genetically modified organisms.

Further, since FANA technology can be self-delivered it provides significant improvements over conventional RNAi strategies and certain gene editing technologies like CRISPR which still need additional delivery strategies and may also have unknown permanent off-target effects.