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(Dunham calls her “the queen of recognizing what a scene is missing.”) Konner, now in her 40s, also brings the vantage of an older generation to the show.

Their dynamic is familial, too; on the set and in life, she and Dunham are nearly inseparable.“Lena, will you tuck your necklace in, baby?

It’s the fastest system I’ve ever seen.” (Williams calls Dunham an “aggregator of humanity.”)“The fact that she’s able to do it in the moment, as it’s happening, is her unique talent,” Driver says. ” He adds: “Plus we get to see each other in these weird intimate settings.

Her, myself, and our boom guy Jason have just gone through a lot in a small, enclosed room.”As much as essay on the topic, praised as an “example of what sex scenes are good for.” “There was a sense that I and many women I knew had been led astray by Hollywood and television depictions of sexuality,” Dunham says.

“She’s involved in more solid relationships,” says Judd Apatow, one of the show’s early champions and executive producers, observing that the late 20s bring a new set of problems.

praised for its unvarnished naturalism, must now depict its characters in the most authentic act of all: growing up. Though her characters tend to be muddled, haltingly motivated young women, Dunham herself is a model of industry.

” she says, as they start another take.“Sorry, my love,” Dunham calls back, pausing to tidy herself up.

Her hair, which she cut short after shooting for the second season of Girls finished, has grown out to a trim, breezy bob.

’ ” Baker says in mock lamentation.) “She’s not being naked just for the sake of being naked,” observes Zosia Mamet.

She’s sitting on a bed, wearing the sort of tank top and bright-green pants favored by her character, Hannah Horvath. Over several takes, Dunham and Williams embellish the script with improvisations, trying to catch each other off guard. ”Jenni Konner, an executive producer on the show, is seated in a director’s chair nearby.

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