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The little baby will stay on the ground for about an hour before it has the strenght to stand up on its own.The giraffe's mum wil conitnue to lick away at her child to clean it of the amniotic sack and fluids.One Twitter user speculated: “She has made a wide legged stance, head bowed, and appears to be contracting twice in the last few minutes.”am BST: April is looking visibly tired as she plods around slowly.After hours of frantic movement, it looks like the weight of her baby bump is starting to slow her down.April is laid down not and appears to be having a well-deserved rest.The lights are out in the enclosure, but there are still 163,000 people watching.5.07pm BST: April's vet just entered the enclosure to check the baby's condition and heart rate.The baby will weigh 150 pounds and measure six feet long in lenght. ”April is taking her time with the calf and she licking away at her rear end as the baby slowly emerges.It will be up and standing within an hour of arriving. “The labour alert just went out and the team is assembling now.”“Dr Tim is on his way, we are in labour! More than 386,000 people are currently watching the live stream on You Tube.

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am BST: April is still up and about, but no baby as of yet.While the pregnancy lasted 15 months, birth itself takes between two to three hours.