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Workshop submissions close on the 21st of July and are always considered a highlight by attendees.The National Forum provides a fantastic opportunity for peers to network, share current information on trends and practices, participate in skill share workshops, inform Scarlet Alliance of state based issues affecting sex workers and be informed of Scarlet Alliance and our members’ activities.Are you a sex worker wanting to increase your sex worker social networks, know where to go for services, get information about your rights and responsibilities as a sex worker, get an Ugly Mugs update or access peer support? There is a sex worker organisation or project in each state and territory of Australia.Peer Educators provide information with the knowledge and experience of having worked as a sex worker.1st December, 2016: A new article has been published on the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers website, showcasing the the Scarlet Alliance National Training and Assessment Program (SANTAP)."Over the past 15 years, Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Worker Association, has developed and implemented an exciting and innovative national project that recognises the unique skills sex workers use while engaging in peer education within our communities and workspaces.

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The bloodshed has drawn condemnation from the international community, including from here in Australia.To join Scarlet Alliance download the membership form or complete the NEW ON-LINE MEMBERSHIP FORM Scarlet Alliance recognise Australia is a country built upon Aboriginal land, we pay our respect to the elders and custodians of this land, current, past and future, and stand in solidarity with the struggles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.