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28-Jun-2016 21:22

Happy to meet friends initially but open to something more if the I´m pretty outgoing and zesty, with a real passion for life and a filthy sense of humour.

I don´t take life too seriously and enjoy seeing what it´s going to throw up next.

I´m direct, open and honest and I don´t suffer fools gladly, though we´re all fools and foolish at times.

I´m looking to meet women who are creative, intelligent, emotionally grown up, I´m a chatty friendly up - beat sorta person .

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is dating multiple people immature

My dislikes people who lie and cheat, hate players.

To the person who tried to give me their phone number this filtered it out so try messaging I´m pretty regular, I enjoy going out / staying in, I like running & going to the gym (but not obsessively) I love going to the cinema.