Mac os 9 updating

21-Aug-2016 09:00

This is a rare but fairly well-documented problem as asked on message boards and in blog comments with little in the way of a fix.

It seems most common after performing an operating system upgrade, in particular the leap from 10.09 (Mavericks) to 10.10 (Yosemite). If you still encounter Just like Windows, prolonged use of a Mac slows down the operating system.

Instructions for each app will differ, but you’ll want to ensure you choose the same output device that appears in your Mac’s System Preferences Output option panel.

Some software may require you to create an aggregate device, which allows you to use multiple audio interfaces at the same time.

Realistically, resetting the SMC is unlikely to affect your sound issue but at this stage we’re guessing you’ll try the lot.

Core Audio is Apple’s low-level API for dealing with sound on the Mac.

Sometimes things go wrong, and this results in no audio, and sometimes even distorted, tinny or noisy sound too.

The instructions for this are similarly simple, but slightly different depending on the computer you have — so check out our full article for instructions relevant to you.

Sometimes when you connect an external device (like an HDMI TV) the sound will continue to come out of your internal speakers.

To do this, go to the  Apple menu Date & Time, and be sure the “Set date and time automatically” option is checked: That method requires the Mac to have active internet access, however.

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