Maillog not updating

08-Feb-2017 03:18

But, my /etc/default/mailgraph file contains justlike this. Here is my /etc/default/mailgraph on my 11.04 installation: # This file is sourced by /etc/init.d/mailgraph # # This is a POSIX shell fragment # # Should Mailgraph start on boot (true|false) (default: true) BOOT_START="true" # Logfile used by mailgraph (default: /var/log/mail.log) MAIL_LOG="/var/log/mail.log" # Ignore mails from localhost (true|false) (default: false) # When true, this will pass --ignore-localhost to mailgraph daemon IGNORE_LOCALHOST="false" # Extra options to be passed to mailgraph daemon # See mailgraph -h output (default: "") EXTRA_OPTIONS="" # User and group http daemon runs as (default: www-data for both options) # Restart mailgraph daemon so that these values are taken into account HTTP_USER="www-data" HTTP_GROUP="www-data" I don't recall that I had a tutorial.

[email protected]:/var/www# cat /etc/default/mailgraph BOOT_START= MAIL_LOG=/var/log/IGNORE_LOCALHOST=false nothing parameter indication about user www-data. I think I used this when troubleshooting and it allowed me to better understand exactly what mailgraph was doing. I know it by running the command -v at mailgraph run.

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If there will be some progress then I’ll let you know.Typical error messages displayed in the Error log concern service initiation (usually due to port conflicts), disk space allocation, antivirus check initialization, improper authentication of users, and so on.

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