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Alex works to defend Marty, and is later given sushi by the penguins to satiate his hunger.In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Alex encounters his parents, Zuba and Florrie, who are overjoyed to see their son and he becomes co-alpha lion alongside his father.Tom Mc Grath explained in an interview that the intention of Madagascar was not to take a political stance on whether "zoos are bad and the wild is better, or that the wild is bad," but to show "the most extreme 'fish out of water' story that [they] could do".Mc Grath stated "the basic irony to the story is that, you think animals do belong in the wild, but if they're so accustomed to civility, they wouldn't know where food even came from," and the animals were meant to "love the zoo and to love where they are because they've got" 5,000 square feet (460 m Alex (born Alakay) is an African lion.

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Alex discovers that the stranded New Yorkers had created a dam, and through the use of dancing, he is recognized by the attacking New Yorkers.

We walked and talked then before we left Marv said 'ok draw your heart in the sand' so I did.

After a quick hello to my parents we took a walk to beach, my favorite place.

He has brown and yellow fur, whiskers, a black nose, a big mane, and a long tufted tail.

He was the son of the alpha lion, Zuba, and was constantly given lessons on hunting, though he displayed no interest in the activity. At that point we were still also dating other people.

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