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In fact, a source with 's Matt Dallas announced his engagement to his boyfriend Blue Hamilton over TWO and a half years ago — and the couple finally tied the knot on Sunday!! [ Related: Supreme Court Overturns Ban On Same-Sex Marriage ] Matt even posted a sweet shot of them outside city hall as they posed with their marriage certificate (above)! We're tired of all the straight actors taking work away from the homos! Oh, well, if Jonathan is now single, on the market and coming out soon, maybe he should date Perez? As for Dallas, we're hearing he has NO intentions of coming out publicly any time soon. He won't be getting cast as the main gay in Mariah Carey's former security guard has accused her of sexual harassment.

The site encourages users to judge people based on their physical appearance while offering absolutely no details about their personality or interests, a concept that became wildly popular somewhere between the birth of AOL and three months after the birth of AOL. The 26-year-old Dallas had not publicly come out as gay until Sunday, but there had been speculation about his sexuality for years.In early 2009, he was linked to "Mean Girls" actor Jonathan Bennett, from whom he reportedly split that same year.A story that whether he has a boyfriend and gay partner (husband) or whether he has a girlfriend to married wife as well dating who currently all updates are available here.

Do you aware that the only problem is that Bennett has never and ever make this claim that he is a gay?It is according to the insider knowledge and it is also our assumptions that he is not straight.