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The more Alexis Grace sits there, the more she annoys me. I don’t care if Simon says “it’s too late.” Be nice to Welder Bear.

Jesus Christ, Alexis Grace is totally bugging me for some reason.

Megan tried out for stuff in high school, but “never made anything.” Then she decided to get married and have a kid. That performance was ill-advised on so many levels, yet Megan makes sure that you don’t forget her. There’s something interesting about her voice and the way she performs, yet she’s not very good. ” They ask Gordon Ramsey in the audience what he thinks for some reason. I can’t believe Simon isn’t calling him out on that. I like this, except he loses me a bit when he riffs–he overdoes it. Simon calls it a “meat and potatoes solid” performance.

– 1-866-436-5710Adam Lambert – “Black and White” – Adam has a very nice family. I’m still not buying him as a pop star – 1-866-436-5711Matt Giraud – “Human Nature” – Matt and his Dad play ping pong…the ‘rents are getting very emotional. Matt got the rush job critique…they’re obviously running out of time.

1-866-436-5701Scott Mac Intyre – “Keep the Faith” – Scott’s parents talk about raising him with a visual impairment. Scott goes the inspirational route, and I think viewers at home will be moved by that.

The song is a good fit for his vocals, his best vocal performance to date.

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Nicole Richie enjoyed her dad's duet with Danny Gokey with Joel and her little sister Sophia, while Victoria and Romeo Beckham took seats in the audience as well.She’s out of her depth–singing an easy song isn’t helping her, either. OMG Randy namechecks Mariah. Randy says, “You did a pretty good job on that.” Kara says, “You did it, and you sold it…great stage presence.” Paula says, “You have tremendous composure and poise…some moments you were under [pitch] at times.” Paula calling her out on her pitchiness!Simon says, “A little bit robotic at times…a little bit like a little girl acting like a grown-up.” The judges were kind, I think. Kara says, “The girls love Kris…when you play your guitar…it helps you.Whether or not you agree with the results, both Adam and Kris proved their star power all season and we're sure that we'll be seeing and hearing a whole lot more from these talented boys in the years to come.

Be sure to head over to Buzz to read their first interviews after the show and check out her finale rundown straight from the Nokia Theater.Simon says, “You are one heck of a singer, however the dancing was hideous….