Media center guide not updating loose leaf updating service

07-Jun-2017 07:29

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Setup fails to change data sources for three reasons.

1) Setup cannot complete this task until it recognizes Rovi as the guide. Go to MSN Website populated by Rovi data and find a working provider.

Or if needs be a full on Open ELEC install with TVHeadend.

Beyond TV was the best of these DVRs for simplicity and ease of use.

3) the task scheduler run removes your epg guide while you have a valid zip code.

This forces WMC to completely re download the epg from the ip address listed in your hosts file.

Around July 26, 2015 Windows change data providers from Zap2It to Rovi.

Microsoft and Rovi were ill prepared for this changeover.

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When a small Android / Google TV Box with Kodi installed can pretty much do the same.If you are getting the proper feed then you should have a fortnight's worth of data - plus a lot more metadata.

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