Minoan dating

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Then it all came crashing down with the incredible eruption of the Theran marine (sea-level) volcano at present day Santorini, Greece in about 1628 B. Mount Rinjani Eruption Lombok, Indonesia 1994 The palaces and cities situated on the low-lying coastal plains along the northern and eastern coasts of Crete like Malia, and Palaikastro were terribly damaged by tsunamis generated by the eruption.

Malia was nearly scrapped to its foundations by the tremendous force of the water.

Their cultural and maritime economic influence throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea would never be exceeded.

This was a time of great social and political cohesion and commercial and industrial prosperity.

Extensive restorations like this one led the writer Evelyn Waugh after a visit to the Archaeological Museum in Herakleion in 1929 to state it is not easy to judge the merits of Minoan painting "since only a few square inches of the vast area exposed to our consideration are earlier than the last twenty years, and it is impossible to disregard the suspicion that their painters have tempered their zeal for accurate reconstruction with a somewhat inappropriate prediliction for the covers of Vogue."The original is in the Archaeological Museum of Herakleion, Crete.

But, all of the southern and inland urban areas at higher elevations like Knossos, Phaistos, Archanes, Galatas, Kommos, and Vassiliki were utterly unaffected by the waves.