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05-Dec-2017 19:20

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EA has soft-launched a new Sims game, that features proper multiplayer an the chance to chat up other people’s sims.

After years in the wilderness The Sims is about to make a comeback, with what will hopefully be the best mobile version so far.

Snapchat has guidelines on staying safe online, and a trust and safety team to deal with reports of abuse.

It said it works closely with Thorn, an organization which provides technical innovation to fight the sexual exploitation of children.

To combat traffickers, experts say more children should be targeted in public awareness campaigns through social media, and vulnerable children encouraged to speak to trustworthy people.

Globally, nearly 21 million people are victims of human trafficking, a 0 billion industry, according to the United Nation’s International Labour Organization.When Nicole was aged 17 and her mother was sent to prison for white collar crimes, she met a man on Facebook who offered to take care of her.But instead of looking after her, he sold Nicole to men across the United States from Texas to Washington D. It was only when she was in her early 20s, after being badly injured in a vicious rape, that she was finally able to escape sex work. Traffickers worldwide are increasingly using social media to contact vulnerable teenagers and sell them into sex work, quick to adopt the latest online platforms popular with teenagers that has created new challenges for law enforcement agencies.The Sims Mobile looks like it’s based on The Sims 4 on the PC, what with all the talk about shaping families over multiple generations and unlocking heirlooms and hobbies for future offspring.

There’s also the promise of detailed customisation options for your sims and their homes, with what looks like a surprisingly detailed house-building tool.But it does mean traffickers and victims leave permanent traces which can help police to identify them, Europol added.