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“The front windows now equal 1/10 of the floor area of the store,” the inspector noted for some reason.By July, 1931, the doughnut shop was out, replaced by Anna Buehler‘s bakery store. Fowler ran a barbershop, and Michael Wisniewski took over the bakery in 1932.“In view of declining sales since 1974, I agreed that we would review [the assessment] again in 1978,” the assessor wrote in his files.The freeway and a changing society marked the end of the South Side cocktail lounge dining craze. Kinnickinnic Avenue would become a food destination again.But for many years, the bar was just this small 20′ x 40′ space, while a flurry of businesses occupied the adjacent stores. A Schlitz sign hung above the door, where the traffic could see it for some blocks. Very good luncheon and dinner trade.” The building sold on April 30th, 1962 for ,000.

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Finally, in 1997, Mark Maynard opened the by then vacant tavern as Maynard’s Sports Connection. The entrance today is on the north end of the tavern, where the bar is immediately to your left.

The nearly solid core of business establishments that defines the northern end of the neighborhood peters out at its southern end where modest single family residences tend to dominate the street, punctuated here and there by commercial structures like this 1927 building that houses Lee’s Luxury Lounge, a spacious place that has been pieced together over the years from four separate stores that were not initially intended for tavern use.

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Wouldn’t it be easier to get down with a ready man who has virtually no chance of going broke? For the thrill of it Some will go for the man with a ring on it for the thrill of it. And an affair with a married man is the ultimate risk-taking.5 Engaging in competition Some women thrive on competition with the other woman, even when in reality, the competition is not really there because of one important detail-the man is married.6 Better sex While married women are out there complaining about their men’s lack of stamina in bedroom affairs, the single ones are striving to bed him for the exact opposite reason.… continue reading »

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