Mystery dating show

22-Feb-2017 19:07

It feels like a nice change from the many thrillers I’ve been getting through recently, and is a nice bit of escapism, too!* Many thanks to the author for providing a copy of this novel in return for an honest review *I was kind of excited to get this book seeing as how one reviewer compared it to novels of Victoria Laurie and Janet Evanovich, two of my favorite mystery writers (who also have an element of romance in their stories as well).The writing is informal and light-hearted; even the more serious issues are dealt with a quite easy-going, carefree tone which made it pretty easy to read.Izzy’s tone of voice is very casual and centres mostly on an ‘interior monologue’ kind of style, conveying most of what she’s thinking at every given moment.

From their you get to know the other characters in the story: Izzy's grandmother and her elderly group of friends who meet weekly to knit and share news (okay, gossip).I enjoyed this one immensly and found myself connecting with the characters easily. They were a hoot and had me cracking up with their antics.