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29-May-2017 21:19

I understand these records depends on zone runner & named service.

Is it possible to minimize the replication interval (say around 15-20 mins) without restarting these services manually?

What, how, and where logging takes place can be extensively configured in BIND.

Normally, the default settings should be sufficient.

Name Server records (delegation records) announce the authoritative nameservers for a particular zone.

The following There are several other options also available, many of which rely upon one another to work properly.

Delegation is the process of dividing a single zone into multiple subzones.

In order to create a delegated zone, items known as NS records are used.

Of course, my local PC uses the secondary to resolve addresses so I can't use virtualmin directly from the browser.Nor can I use my email because it requires addresses that are in the primary zones!