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United in the wake of the First Phaedric Invasion of 45,489 BNE, the Core united to form the First Republic—a proud and ever-expanding union of worlds initially led by the legendary Praesator Apollóe Cyran'nus.

Cyran'nus aspired to create a "Republic greater than distance or time", establishing the highest aspiration of the people of the First Republic throughout the millennia to spread from the Core and into the endless reaches of unknown space.

A new era of colonisation three hundred years later, resulted in a new route of the Perliama being plotted rimward north, toward the Corai Sector.

Orbispira, heavily influenced by the legacy of Apollóe Cyran'nus, sought to establish a strong, centralised galactic Republic, while Arnoario aspired to create a union of free planets within which each individual sector could govern itself without interference from Orbispira.During the first year of the conflict, Capricaerón and Cyroenia were attacked, while the United Lanat Empire managed to conquer three systems of the Acroa Sector, including Acrocanthaí itself, in the second.