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06-Dec-2016 23:04

Note that you must turn on the note pad (col 1, row 4) for the selected pitch reversal to be on.

• New Feature: The Step Sequencer now responds to MIDI Song Position Pointer messages, thereby maintaining correct sync position if the external DAW is started from a position in the song other than the start. For example, if using Y-axis to add a modulation amount, this now permits the value at first press to be zero, then increased by tilting your finger forward.

In Global Settings hold the 4th note pad from the bottom and Swipe L/R to select one of 3 options:1) REV: reverse pitch direction of both splits (same as previous versions).You must then approve our Panthera App, which allows your profile to share enough info to communicate with our comment system. Let us know what you think by emailing us, or…leaving a comment.Once you’re logged in, you can even check a box to share your comment back on Facebook. We’re going to be tweaking it over the next few days and welcome any critiques or suggestions.(If the 'Update Firmware' button is not clickable, recheck the above steps.) Your Linn Strument is now being updated, which will take about 2.5 minutes.

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(If you're having problems updating, search the Linn Strument FAQ page forlinnstrument-firmware-2.1.0Changes: • New Feature: You can now turn on light animations that surround and emanate from the played note pads, responding to velocity and pressure. Swipe L/R to select one of the following options: Cell (only lights pressed cell)Same (lights notes of same pitch on other rows, as in previous software versions)Crosses Circles Squares Diamonds Stars Sparkles (Roger's favorite, because its shorter duration is less distracting from the note lights.Now the heard note is terminated only after releasing both note pads.