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The fragrance blends well with lavender, neroli, jasmine, geranium, chamomile, lemon, cypress and juniper.

bergamot can be used in the treatment of tensions causing dietary problems such as over and under eating.

In helping with mental and psychological states, Bergamot is most valuable for its uplifting effects.

For tension anxiety or depression, bergamot should be used in a massage oil or in a dally bath.

They valued cedarwood so highly that the Lebanon area (which produced Cedrus Libani) was incorporated into the Egyptian Empire in order to ensure a regular supply.

Description Many fragrant or sweet-smelling woods are known as cedar.

They eventually reach a height of up to thirty three meters and a possible trunk diameter of one and a half meters.This causes sensitivity and skin pigmentation when exposed to sunlight.Therefore exercise caution when using Bergamot in sunny weather.The heartwood is reddish in color and the branches will bear cones.

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It is referred to as Red Cedar and is closely related to the yellow cedar (Thuja Occidentalis), from which thuja oil is obtained.

Extraction The essential oil is produced by cold expression of the peel of the nearly ripe fruit.

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