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11-Nov-2017 06:11

Although books that list dating “rules” tell you NEVER to talk about an ex on a first date, if you know each other’s exes, that advice doesn’t work here. If people know you are single, they are more likely to ask you out, or hook you up with a friend. It could have been you, but you were waiting for him to message you. This truth is a tougher pill to swallow because there are so many emotions involved.Get it out into the open and break down the awkwardness that will inevitably explode if you pretend like you don’t know that he dated the same Kate who serves you your morning (and afternoon and late afternoon) mocha. God forbid the smokin’ hot guy who works down the hall from you finds out that you are also on the market (he is likely single if he sees you on Ok Cupid… As an online dating guru, I can tell you that actually never works out. A make out sesh on the dance floor while jamming to Clash of the Titans at Empire feels so right.This seemed to bring out a flood of inner fears and insecurities about dating in a small city, and these feelings are legitimate, but worth getting past.As anyone who has lived in a large city before moving to Portland knows, there is an anonymity to dating that allows you to go on dozens of first dates in a week, date more than one person at a time, or abruptly end a relationship. I have (after many years of complaining about these things) learned to embrace the quirks of dating in the awkwardness that is our little city.And as the book progresses, it becomes clear that what's causing Grover's illness may not be physical—or even quite emotional or spiritual.It's seems as systemic as Cushing's, something almost inherent to the world itself.

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Still, one minute she's disgusted by the privilege of a New Yorker who buys a house only to leave it vacant most of the year, while the next she's bemoaning her own hardly unprivileged options. Johns or Montavilla," she writes, "or with some uptight people my own age who are allergic to everything and require me to be spiritual or vegan." But her sense of loss is nonetheless palpable.

This collection of autobiographical stories and essays at times stirs up sympathy for a person who just can't seem to catch a break.

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